yeah, yosafroze is definitely endgame, but im glad people have turned emalfire into a healthy ship!! well, mostly healthy, they still cant change canon.

I guess. It still falls in line with that bizarre trend of shippers being in denial about yuri sub/text.

Reminds me of the Ryumako vs. Iramako shitfest from KLK… except at least none of the parties in there were outright trying to kill/molest each other.


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Little Bird by jerrycat on Flickr.

yeah, but its usually in aus where its non-abusive??ive actually seen some cute very healthy aus that still preserve their personalities myself! (although yosafire picks on emalf quite a bit in these, which i like)

I guess that makes more sense, but it still strikes me as a bizarre choice, considering Yosaf spends pretty much the whole game being like FROZE FROZE I LOVE YOU FROZE YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE FOR ME PLEASE FIST MY UTERUS INTO ICY HOT OBLIVION FROZE FROZE FROZE.

Do there really exist people who unironically ship Yosafire with Emalf? Like, is this an actual thing that happens?


Samurai Jack Parody

gangster yasuo


Quick Garen doodle.


Quick Garen doodle.

"I want to draw lewd pinups of hot guys," I think to myself before realizing that I’ve slid way too far down the slippery fap slope and my ideas of "sexy" are so demented and far removed from popular ideas of "sexy" that they’ll likely end up tastelessly creepy/sleazy.

Someone de-corrupt me; what makes for an attractive image of a man?



Poppy - Clockwork Eden
Tristana - Zifelline


please rito make thresh the new rap master